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My own climb up Self-awareness hill

I started with my own journey back in the early 1990s and it was a long slow climb but with the help of some incredible teachers I think I’ve made it at last in 2018. The years since then have become the happiest and healthiest of my entire life.

It’s time to share

Over the past 12 years I have been working with a number of people around the world who are making the same climb. It is their success that has inspired me to put down on the net and on paper their understandings and descriptions of the ways they have found most successful.

I hope that some of them may share their stories with you here.

What is it about Being the Real me?

There are many reasons, some valid, why people may choose to spend their lives trying to avoid discovering too much about their well hidden real self.

So if you aren't too excited about starting on this incredible journey, then this may be the right time to log out. I wouldn’t want to get you involved in something that would only end in discomfort.

Becoming more Authentic  More Real

However there are others who at some point in their lives realise that their true real self remains somewhere lost or trapped inside, hidden by comfortable masks, held down by other people’s rules, usually from childhood.  

If you are one of those people, welcome!. Provided you have the courage to break away from those old clamps and blockages, rules and restrictions then you and I can work together to take you to the place you have already dreamed of, a place where you can at last be your real me.

The old masks will remain in the background because there are times in our lives when we still need them. But so much of the time you can safely drop them and be yourself.

One restriction - This is do-it-yourself work.

My notes can guide you, show you how, get you started, share my experiences, but I can’t actually do the climb for you.

Think of me as a conductor, waving my baton, my notes are a bit like your sheet music, but you alone can play your own instrument to produce magical changes in your life.