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2. Dynamic Emotional Gym

First move

From the middle chair, quite quickly move physically over to one of the  chairs on the left or right (it doesn't matter which one). Some parts of you may prefer to stand or sit on the floor.

While you are over there on that side, try to identify that as one specific part of your energy or inner protector system. Try to identify that place as a specific different part of you, one of your protector parts or one of your sub-personalities.

You have moved. How do you feel sitting there? What do you think about?

There are some useful questions you might ask yourself as you sit there. See point 4 below Move back to the Middle

After a minute or less sitting that side return to the centre chair.  Try to develop a sense that as you move back to the middle chair you are separating from the energy in that side chair. Imagine it’s still over there in its side chair waiting for its turn to be recognised again.

Each time you sit in the middle chair you’re getting a dynamic sense of what it’s like here, sitting in your more  balanced and more grown up part of you.

Growing that feeling is one of the primary aims of Emotional Gym.

The other aim is to give you a sense of how natural it is to have opposite energies, in fact it’s normal and it is so easy to balance those opposite energies instead of fighting them.  

However at the start you might notice your stress levels rising. That will soon settle down.

Third move

Now move to the opposite side chair. See if it feels like that position is connecting you to a different kind of energy in your body. This may not happen the first or second time. Keep going. It will happen.

The more you can feel some sense of an opposite point of view the better. Let it out. You need those two opposites to do the most important part of emotional gym, the balancing of the two opposites.

Fourth move

When you feel ready, move back to the middle chair. You might now sense why this is like working in a gym, it’s quite a physical process and you are working more with your body than your mind.

NOTE: You do need to move physically at least one full body width away from each previous position. Sitting in any one spot and thinking about moving without moving your body won’t work

Fifth move

Return again to the first opposite chair or position. Feel yourself returning to that same energy that was there before. Stay there for ten or twenty seconds or longer.

1. Setting up your Emotional Gym

Set up three, four or more chairs in a row or a sit on a three or four seat sofa. You can even do emotional gym sitting on the side of your bed as long as you are clear on where the “middle” position is.

It’s so easy

For a start sit first in this centre chair / position and get ready to move in turn into both the left and the right side chairs.

The middle position is the “safe” position

This is also described as your “safe” chair. If you ever find that sitting in another chair is distressing move  straight back to the middle and safety.

While you are the middle get ready to move to one side chair, it doesn’t matter which one. Emotional Gym is a dynamic process. You use your body as well as your mind. You exercise both together. So let’s make things more active.

Stop thinking about which side or why!

Try not to think about  which chair, which side or “why” you are going to chose any chair. There is no significance in your choice but too much thinking, analysing logically or looking for a “why” before you move will slow or even block the gym process.

If there is any authentic reason why you chose a particular chair it will become clearer after you complete the gym.

When you are ready, just move and the faster the better!

Emotional Gym  really works

It’s easy, it helps you reduce stress levels fast and then permanently.

It’s safe because it’s a do it yourself process, you are in charge the whole time. That’s self empowering.  It helps you to become more authentic, the real you that you have always wanted to be.
Learn how you can practise this amazingly simple do- it-yourself activity that releases and increases your real personal power.

Try it. See how it works.