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In this section “Reading” you’ll find hundreds of pages on ways to grow your real authentic self:

Over the next weeks I’ll be adding more pages.  A blue underlined ‘click here’ means the information has been added and you can now read those pages. A magenta ‘Click here (to be added)’ is only holding a blank page for a coming link. Nothing to see there yet. Please come back soon for another look.

Here are some keys. Each one will open a different door for you. Think of the list below as your personal menu. Each one can help you become more real, but in different ways. There is no set sequence or order.

Start with any one of the list you feel like because there are so many different ways and it’s important that you, alone choose the ways you like best. To be real and authentic you need to make the journey along your chosen path, at your own pace, climbing up your own awareness hill not my hill or anyone else’s hill.

1. Be more in touch with your authentic emotions (all of them) Hiding or blocking them so other people can’t see them hides your real self from them and from you too. Click here

2. Accept your vulnerability - Click here

3. Be more aware of your boundaries.  Click here  (to be added)

4. Be a unique one-off special individual.  Don’t follow the crowd. Click here  (to be added)

5. Embrace your reality. The opposite of reality is denial. Click here  (to be added)

6. Understand what's really going with Power and Control  Click here  (to be added)

7. Use forward thinking, planning ahead  Click here

8. Communicate openly. Click here  (to be added)

9. Embrace change as a positive part of life. Click here  (to be added)

10. Love and Protect your Inner child. Click here  (to be added)

11. Trust the truth. Real power exists inside you.  Click here  (to be added)

12. Be the real you not what you do. Click here  (to be added)

13. Work every day with your six key life skills. Click here  (to be added)

14. Understand Energetic Balance and the power of opposites.  Click here  (to be added)

15. Understand both your personal and impersonal sides.  Click here  (to be added)

16. Different kinds of people try to undermine you, manipulate you,control you. One of the most troublesome are the ones who use Narcissistic Behaviour Patterns (NBP) Here’s a handy checklist to help you spot them. Click here

17. Prepare and Protect yourself from people like this who try to control you by Undermining and Unbalancing you, or trying to Manipulate you.

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