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These are such big areas they each have their own section on this web site.

1. What happened in your childhood or teens that prevented you becoming the real you?

* What kind of ACEs, that’s Adverse Childhood Experiences did you have?  What is your ACE score?

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2. Do people try to disempower you, undermine you, get you off balance, or try to manipulate you?

There’s lots you can do to protect yourself from them as you continue to discover your real authentic self.

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3.  Understanding Emotional Age is one key that  helps unlock your Personal power and connect to the real self inside you

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4. Old core beliefs. For me and for hundreds of other people I have worked with around the World, hidden but powerful old core beliefs about not being good enough, not having any real power, or worse, are a major blockage.

They're not true but telling you this at this stage won’t help. They can’t be removed (not a good idea anyway) but the good news is they can be settled down when you balance with a positive opposite belief.

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(This was my very first website, started in 1997  
Today, twenty years  later, a total of over 37,700 hits)

5. Inner Patriarchs and Inner Matriarchs - one of them or both may be busy at work inside you, but undercover so you are not aware of them and the damage they do you you. They hate each other but there are just three things they agree about. They each want to destroy grown up relationships and each one wants to hurt, shame, scare and punish your Inner child. They like it when you get stuck in your PYRO (young emotional age) zone.

They don’t even belong to you, they are like refugees from someone else’s inner village, usually a controlling parent. Unmasking them and naming them is the first step in freeing yourself from them.

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