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Being the Real me

Introduction to Being the Real Me

Getting Real step by step

Define yourself - How?

Making it Happen

Winning the Struggle - Stories

Signs of not being Real


How to do Emotional Gym

Create your own Boundary System

Six Key Life Skills

Personal and Impersonal Styles

Power and Control


Balancing Opposites

You Doing You Being and You Having


Real Feelings

Real feelings and Emotions

Not real feelings

Vulnerability is Real

Unique One-off individual

Forward Thinking

Balance Opposites

Being vs Doing

Open Communication

Make things happen

Making changes

Narcissistic Behaviour Patterns

Important areas - separate sections


Emotional Gym How to do it

Control-MUD slinging

ACE Survey

Core Belief Balancing

Disowned Selves

Inner Patriarchs and Inner Matriarchs

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